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By reorganizing beauty products, toiletries and towels, we can facilitate access to the most-used items and save time during the morning routine. What's more, a well-organized bathroom contributes to a feeling of calm and relaxation. Reorganizing your bathroom offers practical and aesthetic benefits, and contributes to a better experience of well-being in this essential area of the home.


Make-up can build up quickly, especially if you don't get into the habit of disposing of empty or expired products, you can use Martine, our drawer storage solution. Our cosmetics set, too, will enable you to sort and store your make-up products efficiently and maximize the use of available space.


Check expired medications and those you no longer need, and dispose of them. If your medicines are in a cupboard, it may be practical to use full-depth bins or a turntable.


Under the vanity

To optimize space, try using acrylic bins or drawers of the right depth. Another option is to add a shelf like Johanne's, which will maximize height.


When it comes to towels, there's no need to have more than 2 per person. You can fold them, roll them or hang them up - the aim is to find a method that's easy for the whole family to adopt.

Household products

Assess your real needs in terms of household products and identify those you use regularly. Then sort and group similar products so you can store them together, making them easier to access and avoiding duplication. Use practical storage solutions, such as shelves or bins with openings to maximize the use of vertical space.

Body care products

For these products, it's wiser to use plastic storage, so that if the bottle gets wet or leaks, it's easier to clean.

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