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Reorganizing your kitchen optimizes the available space and makes it more functional. By reorganizing kitchen utensils, pots and pans, you can facilitate access to the most-used items and save time when preparing meals. A well-organized kitchen also means better management of food stocks.


Kitchen utensils

Sort out the utensils you no longer use, then put them all on the counter so you can see what you have to store. To help you maximize space, you can use drawer dividers or organizers, like Lou or Romy.

 drawers dividers


Plastic containers

Sort out any containers that are broken or no longer useful, then there are two ways of organizing them. Either we close them each time and place them upright, or we separate the lids from the containers and assemble them once we want to use them.


Check the dates on your preserves and pouches, and highlight those that are about to expire so you can use them. For a better view of your supplies, you can use the Maya or transparent bins like the Cecilia.

Tip: creating a surplus area in a bin or basket that we can't see through helps to reduce the visual mental load.

 step cans


Reusable bottles

Sometimes we keep damaged or broken bottles for too long. It's time to sort them out. Then, to place them properly, we have two solutions for you. Thanks to Melissa, bottles don't roll around, which is very practical for cupboards. In drawers, dividers are often used to keep them securely in place.


That's right! Spices have expiration dates too, so keep an eye on them. Analyze how easy it is or isn't to access your spices, if you realize you have to search for a long time, it may discourage you from using them and even cooking. You can put them in similar jars, like Marilou's, with a little extra bin in a drawer or on a shelf.


Under the sink

Often one of the areas of the kitchen we use often, but don't particularly like. There are acrylic drawers to help you reach the depth of your cupboard without getting down on your knees to do so. Also, there are hanging baskets like the  to give you easy access to the products you use frequently.


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