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Organizing a playroom!

L'organisation d'une salle de jeu!

A functional, well-organized playroom is not rocket science.

The children's playroom can quickly turn into a chaos zone if it isn't properly organized and adapted to the little ones who use it. Storage bins and baskets are invaluable allies in the battle against playroom clutter. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your space functional and fun for the kids.

Before you start buying, take the time to categorize (cars, dolls, blocks, etc.) and get rid of those that are broken, incomplete or no longer used by the children. This will reduce clutter, free up space and provide you with the right storage accessories.

Bins and baskets come in a variety of sizes and styles, perfect for storing toys of all shapes and sizes.
Opt for wicker baskets like the Emma for a more natural touch or to camouflage less visually aesthetic items, or opt for clear plastic bins for maximum durability and so that children can easily see what's inside. Here we see the Fannie and Alicia stacking bins. Their transparency helps them quickly find the toys they want, while also encouraging tidiness, as they can easily identify where each toy belongs.

For smaller items such as pencils, scissors and modeling clay, you could opt for smaller, transparent storage units like the Alice or the Violette. If space is limited, opt for stackable bins with or without drawers to maximize vertical storage. This frees up space while providing a practical, accessible storage solution for children.
When it comes to wooden puzzles. They're aptly named, as they're often problematic. With a stand like Bobby's, each puzzle is accessible to children without the need to re-do them all. What's more, this stand can also be a perfect asset for little craft enthusiasts, creating a space to dry your children's work.

You could create well-organized role-play areas to stimulate your children's imagination with versatile wire baskets like Maude's.

Veronique baskets with labels, are a fantastic way to separate and organize whether it's dolls, toy cars or board games, assign a bin to each type of toy and label them clearly. Not only does this make tidying up easier for children, it also lets parents know exactly where each toy is, reducing the stress of searching.

It's important to involve children in the tidying-up process by assigning them specific tasks, such as putting toys away in the appropriate baskets. You can even turn tidying up into a game by issuing challenges, timing them or even offering rewards for quick and efficient tidying.

By following these tips, you can transform your children's playroom into an organized and functional space where they can have fun in complete safety. A tidy environment also fosters independence and responsibility in children, while making life easier for parents on a daily basis.

Text by Alexandra-Kim Chabot St-Onge

Alexandra-Kim Chabot St-Onge is a residential organizer and early childhood educator. She offers face-to-face services in the greater Capitale Nationale, Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec regions, as well as virtual services with no regional boundaries.

With her background as an educator, Alexandra-Kim has developed a specialty for playrooms and any space used by children. Alexandra-Kim's expertise lies in finding storage solutions and helping families implement them.

Of course, she can help you even if you don't have children at home. She'll find the method that works for you, with professionalism, attentiveness and a non-judgmental approach.

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