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CHAMBRE AÉRÉE - Bac & Panier

Reorganizing your bedroom helps create a space conducive to relaxation and rest. In addition, de-cluttering and organizing personal items such as clothes, books or accessories can reduce visual stress and promote a sense of calm and a soothing atmosphere. A well-organized bedroom can also make it easier to tidy up and find things, saving time on a daily basis.


Start by sorting your clothes and assessing what you really need. This will help you identify essential pieces and eliminate superfluous items. Remove anything you haven't worn in 1 year, which makes you more. You can use baskets to store your underwear or stockings. In drawers, dividers are a must-have to keep every item of clothing in its place.

Tips for moms: Always have a bin available in the children's wardrobe for clothes that no longer fit directly inside.

Night table

Books and magazines can be sorted and stored here. Next, we can group items such as glasses, pens or headphones in small compartments to prevent them from scattering. It's also a good idea to declutter cables by using clips or organizers to keep them tidy. Finally, it's important to keep the surface of the nightstand clear, leaving only essential items such as a reading lamp or clock. By de-cluttering and organizing these items, we can create a harmonious, relaxing space in our bedroom.

Extra sheets

We sort through sheets and blankets that are too worn or no longer needed. Then, to help us find our way around, we can use Dominique boxes and categorize them by sheet set.


To categorize our jewelry properly, it can be handy to have a small two-drawer storage unit like the Élodie. We can also hang our necklaces on hooks or a stand to prevent them from getting mixed up.

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